Big H - Computer Upgrade, Repair & Instruction

Over 20 Years Experience with computers

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Servicing the needs of home users and small businesses alike.

Specializing in Custom Made PC Sales / Upgrades / Networking / Trouble Shooting / Repairs / Consulting

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bulletIs your computer not running as fast and smoothly as the day you got it?
bulletThinking about upgrading your old PC?
bulletAre you having problems getting a new device to work properly with your PC?
bulletNeed help setting up your new computer system?
bulletWant to use your high speed connection with more than 1 PC at the same time?
bulletHow about a custom made PC built to your specifications? (Optimized for Gaming, Music etc.)
bulletDo you want to connect to the internet with your laptop from anywhere in your home or office with no wires?
bulletDo you need help learning how to use the internet?

We can help.  Please contact us today.  Free estimates!

Phone (561) 686- 1565  E-mail bigh@weinhofer.com

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Service Rates (Parts and/or software extra)

Windows Installation (Includes all current online updates) $69.99
Software Application Installation   $29.99
Hard Drive Installation   $59.99
CD/DVD Drive Upgrade   $49.99
PCI Card Upgrade   $39.99
Memory Upgrade   $29.99
Peripheral Installation   $29.99
Home network setup   $99.99
Trouble Shooting   $59.99
Windows Tune Up (Includes all current online updates) $29.99
Complete Tune Up (Same as above including hard drive maintenance and case cleaning) $59.99