Nicky's Plant holder

Displaying some of your most prized potted plants can be difficult and  you donít want them to leave on the floor. Thatís why I created this handsome tiered plant stand.

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I am proud of the quality and craftsmanship of this fine hand made tiered wooden plant holder.  It is a necessary accessory for any home or garden.    What I like about this plant stand is it's elegant simplicity.  Whether your plants are alive or artificial, displaying them on a high quality wooden plant stand will make them truly shine. Silk, artificial plants can be very life like and this allows you to enjoy the benefits of plants without having to care for them as you would a living plant. To provide some added character to your artificial plant, buy a plant stand that offers good support.

This plant holder stands 48" high and can accommodate any combination up to twelve  4 inch,  6inch  or 8inch  flower pots.

We have left our plant holders in their natural state so that owners can paint and finish them to match their garden or patio.


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